Senator Daines speaks at 17th Annual Energy Open in Colstrip

COLSTRIP, Mont. - The 17th Annual Energy Open will be taking place over the next two days in Colstrip. On Thursday, Senator Steve Daines was in attendance to talk about the importance of responsible energy development in Montana.

In his speech, Daines says Montana has more recoverable coal than any other state. He says this makes Montana a leader in providing clean, safe energy, not only in the United States but for other countries as well. 

Daines went on to say that over the last 15 years, Montana has seen a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions. While Montana has an abundance of resources such as natural gas, oil, hydropower and more, Daines says it's important to maintain a balance in providing energy from these sources.  

"It's very important we keep a balanced portfolio and we allow coal to be an important part of that future for Montana," Senator Daines said. "It's important for reliable, low cost energy. It's important for jobs. It's important for tax revenues, for our schools. We have to keep the lights on, and coal is an important part of that equation."

The conference will conclude Friday, August 14 with a variety of different events at the Ponderosa Butte Golf Course in Colstrip. 


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