Second Lady Karen Pence gives address on issues regarding military spouse unemployment

Dozens of military members, as well as their spouses, and even some of their children attended the Second Lady's address. She directed her attention to the issues facing military spouses, such as the need to move on a regular basis because of being stationed in various parts of the country, even around the world.

"You experience frequent moves, job changes, periods of being a single parent," Pence said. "All while exhibiting pride, strength and determination. Your time in the military can be an adventure of a lifetime. You form life-long friendships."

Military spouse unemployment is at 24%, which Pence said is unacceptable. The Second Lady used a Billings business owner as an example. The Sassy Biscuit is a miltary spouse-owned business. Jilan Hall-Johnson is married to an active duty marine who has been serving for 13 years.

"Her story behind opening the business is one of inspiration and encouragement," Pence said. "Earlier today, I met with Jilan and toured her business in Downtown Billings and I was so impressed."

Karen Pence said the Trump Administration is trying to come up with military spouse solutions for unemployment, offering them current solutions in the meantime.

"You military spouses are the home front heroes," Pence adds. "You really are. You're the ones that keep our military strong. You are what we like to call the 'backbone' of the military and you contribute directly to the strength and resilience of the military."

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