School District 2 releases academic assessment of middle school students

The data shows the progress the students in middle school have made so far this fiscal year.

School District 2's monitoring agenda for Fall of 2018 has been published. The data shows the progress the students in middle school have made so far this fiscal year.

The middle school bench-marking data shows middle schoolers progress in 10 pages. Director of Assessment Roger Dereszynski said these scores are used to determine proficiency for SD2's students, which are aligned to match the state assessment. He said the first page shows the reading and mathematics percentile goal for each grade level.

The next page shows a break down of all the middle schools in the district by percentages of where students are falling by category- advanced, proficient, nearing proficient, and novice.

"Well, looking at our schools, there's variation amongst all of our six middle schools," Dereszynski said. "We have some work to do and we're looking at improving our student achievement and that's a constant work that we're doing every day of the year."

The data shows a consistent percentile range for all schools, with Riverside Middle School in the lead for below-average percentile ranges. Superintendent for School District 2, Greg Upham, explained he's looking at all schools that need to be focused on.

"Each school is a little bit different, but overall, it's the district," Upham said. "We've set a goal in our district to have at least 80 percent of our students be on grade level and no more than 15 percent that we consider strategic that are close to being on grade level and no more than five percent that are maybe further away from grade level than what were comfortable with."

The superintendent said these scores are only an assessment. It helps the district see what they need to do to improve percentiles among students.

"We have to see exactly what's causing this and then apply interventions, extended times," Upham said. "We're going to look at that. Added technology to support the students, giving the parents homework to help with students. I'm being serious. I mean, there's a responsibility in the home too."

Upham believes these scores among students will improve by the end of the year and the education within School District 2 is satisfactory for students, teachers, and parents.

"I'm not worried at all," Upham said. "Our teachers are working extremely hard. We need to continue to involve our homes and our parents and thank them for their work and give them specific areas to help their children and we'll just keep moving forward."

KULR-8 Reporter

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