BILLINGS, Mont. - School District 2 conducted a board meeting Wednesday morning to finalize a plan of action moving forward for the rest of the school year.  This comes following Governor Bullock's announcement that school closures have been extended to April 10th. 

On March 15, Governor Steve Bullock announced that all schools K-12 will be closed to on campus instruction.  As of yesterday, Governor Bullock announced that the closure has been extended until April 10th.  Now, School District 2 must come up with a plan of action moving forward. 

Wednesday morning, the Billings Public Schools school board held a video conference to establish what guidelines will be presented to Governor Bullock to address school needs until April 10th or beyond.  Four main points addressed during the meeting were off-site learning, school needs, services for students with disabilities and other customarily provided services. One concern board members have is about off-site instruction and communicating with parents while finding a middle ground for the workload for students. 

Superintendent Greg Upham was present at today's meeting and said "In one classroom, a portion of the families can say "it's [workload] adequate, it's fine, everyone is doing okay."  But in others it could be "it's too much" but in the end that's fairly normal in a classroom.  The biggest piece, like you said is the parents, they absolutely need to stay in contact with the teacher."

Though there were some concerns, the school board unanimously approved the updated COVID-19 Plan of Action that will be submitted to Governor Bullock at a later date.  

Towards the end of the meeting, several board members wanted to praise teachers for continuing their work during what they called, 'a strange moment in time.' Scott McCulloch of District 5 said "I cannot even imagine the stress that teachers are under trying to do their jobs.  I want to be very clear that this teaching core is doing a terrific job with everything they're at."

Wednesday morning's school board meeting has been adjured until Monday at 5:30.  You can stream the meeting on the Billings Public Schools Facebook page. 

Additional important information relased during the meeting is that this spring's ACT has been canceled.  The new dates for the ACT will be October 6th and 20th, along with November 3rd.  

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