School District 2 begins second phase of active shooter training

Run. Hide. Fight. That's what faculty and staff from School District 2 learned this afternoon during training to increase their chances of surviving an active shooting event.

It's something no one likes to consider but, the truth is, Billings is not protected from active shooters. The realization of it is it can happen at any moment at any time.

Wednesday, teachers from School District 2 began the second phase of active shooter training.

KULR-8 wasn't allowed to film everything that was going on during the active shooter training at Newman Elementary School. Executive Director of Activities and Emergency Preparedness Mark Wahl said this is for their own protection. You never know who may be watching. Wahl talked about the training.

"There's a cold reality in it," Wahl said. "We wish we wouldn't have to be here. That our society was a little more safe and we didn't have the issues we have, but the reality is it happens. It can happen anywhere and we have to understand that and prepare for it."

Tim Doll is a school resource officer at Skyview High School. He said if there was ever an active shooter, odds are, there won't be enough units at the scene. It would take minutes to get back up and time is of the essence. As a coordinator for this type of training, he wants to makes sure every faculty and staff member is ready.

"We're trying to go to every school in the district," Doll said. "That way, we can work specifically in their environment that they're going to be in and, like I said, there'll probably be about 40 trainings over the next two years."

Doll said the active shooter training is one more thing that teachers have to accept as one of their roles in this day and age.

"You look at just yesterday," Doll explained. "We had another shooting in Denver, Colorado in a school. We had the UNC shooting a week ago at a a college. So, it's becoming part of the norm that we have to deal with and with that, our teachers need to learn what to do. Is it best to run, is it best to lock or is it best to fight?"

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