BILLINGS, Mont. - In a Facebook video posted Thursday afternoon, School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham shared his appreciation to the voters who voted in favor of the $1.6 million elementary school levy.

"Now it's time to get busy with the budget and see where we can plug that in and help us moving forward," Upham said.

Superintendent Upham previously spoke about the potential of a summer COVID catch-up program but after evaluating budget concerns, decided not to move forward with the program. 

"In light of the increased need for masking and so on and so forth, we will not be able to offer a short summer support program as I had spoken of many times before, never committed to it, but wanted to explore that," Upham said.  "Was waiting for later to see what the budget revealed and then the logistics so that won't happen."

As for the upcoming fall school year, Upham says they will be using funding already provided to them as a result from COVID-19 relief grants.

"We will protect the COVID money to do robust programming in the fall and through the year, if possible.  When I say if possible, it really depends on the COVID funding and the availability of that."

Upham goes on to say he places safety as a top priority. 

As for Elder Grove Schools, their school levy did not pass.  This levy would have provided funding for elective classes throughout the schools. The proposed levy would have increased property tax by $87.28 per year for every $100,000 in market value of a home.

Elder Grove Superintendent Nathan Schmitz was surprised that levy did not pass and now has to come up with a new plan moving forward. 

"Unfortunately there will be some areas in our middle school that will not be able to operate at full function.  The conversations we've had today is that we need to come back to the table and understand our constituency much better than we do," Schmitz said. "We though we had a greater understanding over our constituency than we obviously do currently, and the vote last night, the numbers showed that very clearly, unfortunately."


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