Roundup High School shows Montana pride on national level

Art students in the Roundup High School came to be ornament designers for a very special tree, showing some Montana pride on a national level.

At Roundup High School, art class is considered an elective. This year, if you chose art class, you also got to do something special.

Peggy Unterseher, also known as 'Miss U', is an art teacher at Roundup, home of the Panthers. She teaches more than 80 kids in middle and high school. She explained what her art students did that was very special for the school.

"We were chosen by the Montana Arts Council to do the ornaments for the Montana tree- each state and territory in the nation has a tree, there's 56 of them- and they circle the national Christmas tree in Washington D.C."

The Christmas tree was noticed by a fellow Montanan in Washington D.C. He posted it on his Facebook page, which was shared to other pages.

Morgan is a ninth grader at the high school who helped work on the ornaments from start to finish. She's a student out of many who helped participate in this project.

"I helped cut out the shapes and the designs for the globes," Morgan said. "I helped paint the boards and I helped seal the globes together."

'Miss U' has been working as an art teacher at Roundup High for more than 13 years. She said being chosen is quite the honor that she doesn't think will ever happen again.

"It's an honor because it wasn't an application type thing," Unterseher said. "The Montana Arts Council chose us."

She said something like this is what makes being a teacher all worth it.

"Sometimes it's hard to be a teacher and so it makes my job worth while," Unterseher said. "It's very rewarding and it's rewarding and great for these guys for on their resumes, things like that."

Miss U said the ornaments in Washington D.C. will be archived for years to come and the community of Roundup can remember this for the rest of their lives.

The art class is just one of two classes chosen to represent Montana in Washington D.C.

KULR-8 Reporter

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