When pieces of floating ice build up, hindering flow of water this creates an ice jam

Ice jams that can happen on Yellowstone river can divert the water and create major flooding.

This is most common following prolonged cold temperatures increasing development of ice on rivers.

Meteorologist Tracy Smith says to keep an eye on the river conditions if you live near low lying areas.

"Go ahead and move your livestock and equipment in your yard to higher ground, that's the best thing you can do," said Smith. "Once you see a rise in the river you can better assert what do I need to do? I already moved everything to higher ground, what else can I be doing at this point?"

If you see an ice jam in your area, you can report it to the National Weather Service.

This can help the community plan for flooding in the future.

"Its one of those things that us Montanans have to deal with so it's extra important you pay attention to the area you live in," adds Smith. "If you live near the river and you know ice jams are going to be an issue for the year, its just an ever changing season and so what do we have to pay attention to this year?"

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