It was a beautiful day in the Magic City! The nice warm weather was an invitation for people to head outside. Unfortunately, it was a very busy day for the Billings Police Department as they responded to multiple crashes.

This serves as a reminder for drivers to make sure you check your surroundings, especially with more foot traffic and motorcycles sharing the road.

Authorities responded to a motorcycle injury crash on the West End at approximately 3:30 Friday afternoon. Police said a male driver in a silver Ford Escape was traveling east bound on Grand Avenue. As the driver was changing from the outside lane onto the inside lane, police said he side-swiped the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was forced over the median and skidded about 200 feet. Fortunately, police said there was no oncoming traffic.

The motorcyclist sustained significant, but non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.    

Then, around the same time as the motorcycle crash, a blue Dodge Durango crashed into the Dollar Tree located just off of Central Avenue across Rimrock Mall in the West End. An elderly couple was inside the vehicle at the time, but there were no injuries. There was, however, a heavy amount of property damage to the business.

Next, the Billings Police Department tweeted at approximately 5:30 Friday evening, a Honda CRV was heading south on Governors Boulevard near Wicks Lane in the Heights, when they say it drifted into an unoccupied parked car. The Honda CRV rolled and landed on its top; minor injuries were reported.

Whether there were alcohol or drugs involved, that remains unknown. Governors Boulevard between Wicks Lane and Inverness Drive was closed for a short time, but has since re-opened.

There was also a single vehicle motorcycle crash at approximately 3:40 Friday afternoon at the 1400 block of Broadwater. The rider tried to brake quickly and ended up going over the handlebars, hitting his head on the ground and causing an injury. Tthe traffic slowed down at the time, but is now back to normal.

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