MSUB hosts food drive for locals affected by food insecurity

Montana State University Billings circled McMullen Hall with non-perishable food on Tuesday in its fifth annual Cans Around McMullen Food Drive. 

The food drive addresses food insecurity on MSUB's campus and the Billings community. 

University Departments competed to see who can give the most, and earn the traveling trophy along with bragging rights for making the most donations. 

Last year, the trophy went to housing and residential life, but this year Dr. Edelman made a large contribution himself. 

MSUB's Civic Engagement Coordinator says it's important for students to have volunteer opportunities available to them, so they become well rounded individuals who are civically engaged with their community. 

"Hopefully by the time they come out the other side, that they may want to pursue a career in the non profit sector, could also be a case that they just want to volunteer their time once they've graduated and they see maybe the world in which they are traditionally exposed to that there's more to it and there's actually people out there that could really use the skills that they've developed during their years of higher education," said Buchanan. 

This year, the items collected will be donated to the Yellowjacket Emergency Pantry, and Family Service, Inc. 

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