HUNTLEY, Mont. - Imagine learning about the cardiovascular system by being inside of a heart – virtually, of course.  That's just one of the things students at Huntley Project High School got to experience Monday morning through a virtual reality presentation from the Montana National Guard.

Sgt. Steve Weber and Sgt. Joshua Baird demonstrated two learning tools – Z Space and Oculus.

"[Z Space] allows students to be able to pull the images they see on the screen actually off of it, like you can see up here on this screen, out into a different viewing field," says Sgt. Weber.

Z Space can break apart almost anything from a motorcycle engine to a blood vessel, and Oculus can take people to unforeseen places, like the inside of a heart. Students say the platforms are very user friendly and easy to understand.

"Students can not only read about it, but they can actually go, 'oh, in the book it says that the pistons move like this, and this is where the combustion takes place,' now they can actually look in here and they can actually see that's actually how that works,'" says Sgt. Weber.

With or without the presence of coronavirus, virtual reality could play a large role in the future of education.


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