Montana man faces new charges in beheading case

BILLINGS, Mont. - Donald Cherry, the Montana man facing a deliberate homicide charge after decapitating a man, is now being charged on three more counts.  

Cherry allegedly decapitated a winning casino patron, Myron Knight, on November 15, 2017.  According to charging documents, Knight was still alive at the time of the act.

Police contend that Cherry targeted Knight after he won $120 at the Montana Lil's Casino on King Ave West in Billings.

Cherry is now facing new charges in the case.  In addition to deliberate homicide, Cherry is now charged with tampering with witnesses and informants, intimidation, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

According to the latest charging documents, Cherry was allegedly accompanied by a second man, Jeffrey Haverty.

In the documents, prosecutors state that Haverty confessed last month to helping Cherry kill the victim at a campsite on the West End of Billings. 

Haverty gave a statement to police, saying he slit Knight's throat, then Cherry ultimately cut his head off and talked about eating the victim's brain.

According to Cherry's statement, all three men were high on methamphetamine.

Haverty also gave detectives a specific location where he buried the hunting knife he used to slit Knight's throat.  The charging documents also state that Cherry's girlfriend, Zyonna Wilson, made three visits to Cherry in jail.

Prosecutors contend on her third visit, Cherry made intimidating remarks to Wilson, saying they would both go to prison if she remembered the parts of the night incorrectly.  

Wilson was interviewed again by detectives on June 27, 2017, where she corroborated Haverty's confession. 

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