"Momo Challenge" is back: Time to child-proof your mobile devices, but do you know how?

Last night we brought you the story of the momo challenge, the character contacts kids through various social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The character asks kids to record themselves doing various tasks which eventually leads to them committing suicide.

Many of you on our Facebook page commented that taking a child's phone away was the easiest solution, but another solution is being familiar with privacy settings.

To change the privacy settings on WhatsApp in your iPhone, click on the person you want to block.

Then click on their contact and press block.

To set you security notifications go to your account, click on security and switch to show security notifications.

If you have WhatsApp on an Android, click on the contact you want to block.

Scroll down to the block feature and press block. t

Then go to your phone's settings, click on security and and hit show security notifications.

According to the Yellowstone county sheriff's office, the Lockwood child who received a notification from momo Monday night, immediately told his grandparents.

However, not all children have the courage to tell an adult of the challenge due to fear of momo retaliating.

Parents should limit the hours of internet use and monitor the social media sites kids use.

Keep the computer in a public area and track any online communications including emails and chats.

Help your child build confidence and talk to them about peer pressure.

We wanted to look into the easiest way to child-proof an iPad. There were several websites that tried to break it down but we found this one works best.

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