Andy Malby was blindsided at how fast it took to become addicted to methamphetamine. A drug he harmlessly tried at a little get-together where alcohol played a factor.

"I figured I was smart enough to not get addicted and the first hit I took, I said, "Where am I going to get some more of this?'"

Andy said he became all of the things he despised in people; a liar, a thief, a cheater. He said he would do anything to get the drug. He lost his business, friends, even his family, including his marriage. This was all in a span of just 18 months. Andy said he was down to ground zero. He was completely broke and broken.

"It was really early in the morning," Malby said. "I hadn't been to bed in several days. I had been driving and didn't know where I'd been. I just looked outside and I just thought this is absolutely crazy and I am hooked. I am in trouble."

Andy made the effort to push himself to seek help. He walked in through Rimrock's doors with the strength to find salvation.

"Well I went through a 35-day inpatient program, followed by about 4 months of continuing care," Malby said. "What I really learned here is how to cope with life on life's terms without needing to check out or use something to escape."

Andy Malby is 40 months sober. He also became employed at Rimrock six months after he became clean. Andy is a peer support specialist at Rimrock and he works with his lived experience to help others. His job helps him pay it forward.

"As you rebuild your life, things come back," Malby said. "Relationships and family members. All is not lost."

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