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BILLINGS, Mont. - The Lockwood school board is discussing moving in-person learning from one to two days per week for the average student.

Superintendent Tobin Novasio says Lockwood started off the year with only one day a week in an effort to gradually move more towards in-person instruction throughout the year.  If the new hybrid plan is approved, students would be divided into two groups, rather than three, based on their last name. Novasio tells us two days of in-person learning would be the maximum amount of days under the hybrid, or yellow, phase.

"We've worked with principals and teachers, and they believe they can continue the social distancing with the additional kids in the classroom and give those kids a little bit of extra time to work with their teachers," Novasio said.

There have been only two positive COVID cases reported among Lockwood staff and one positive case among Lockwood students since school started this year. If the board approves the new yellow hybrid learning model, it would go into effect October 5.

To view the original announcement, you can head to the Lockwood Schools Facebook page.


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