LIVINGSTON, Mont. - Five small towns are in the running to receive a $500,000 transformation, and Livingston just happens to be one of those communities!

Over the last few years the Small Business Revolution team has revitalized small towns, one small business at a time. Each season, America chooses the town, the show then chooses the small businesses, and a host of celebrity experts give them the makeover of a lifetime – all in a quest to put main street back on the map.

Small businesses serve more than 60 million Americans living in communities outside of major metropolitan areas. Yet, so many struggle to survive. That's why Deluxe Corporation started the reality show Small Business Revolution. Now it's up to all of us to make sure Livingston is the town selected.

We have just one week to capture as many votes as possible to help six small businesses in Livingston get a well-deserved makeover.

Here's a link for you to cast your vote:


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