KULR teams up with Vitalant

Giving blood can help up to three other people.

KULR-8 has teamed up with Vitalant for the week in hopes of helping increase the blood supply in the region. The Vitalant bus was outside the station Tuesday morning into the early afternoon collecting pints of blood.

Ninety percent of people will need blood or some blood component in their lifetime. Hunter McCrary, the temp supervisor with Vitalant explained, "We get red cells, some plasma, and cryoprecipitate from that. With those three components, they could all go to one person or they can go up to three different people."

McCrary with Vitalant explained that donors will read over a booklet about the donation and then head into an interview and fill out a questionnaire. Then, the blood will begin to flow. "They check their arms to figure out what vein they want to select, then they scrub it up, get the flow going and once the flow starts, it's just sitting back, waiting for the blood to do it's thing."

Blood donations hit home for one Vitalant employee. Ashley Dixon told KULR-8 that about 10 years ago she was on death's doorstep. She said, "I was about 23 and I was diagnosed with endometriosis and what it is is that when it comes to your ovaries, you can bleed out, I had a blood clot, bled for a month and a half, and I needed a transfusion."

Three pints of someone else's blood saved Dixon's life. "I'm a testimony of why giving blood is so important because I'm here today. There are so many kids and cancer patients that need us and this is my way of giving back."

McCrary also said the process of giving blood takes about 45 minutes to an hour. That includes walking through the door and then out the door, and everything in between.

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