BILLINGS, Mont. - One indigenous photographer out of Billings took the time on Saturday to capture the work of other Indigenous artists around the area.

Of those included; models, artists who specialize in bead work, and other designers. One of the bigger focuses of the shoot, The MMIW Project.

Owner of Votona'e Photography by Robyn Kay Iron calls it a crisis because she believes that the problem of missing murdered indigenous women can be controlled.

Robyn adds that she hopes through her photography she can unite a community in times of need.

"I think that as Indigenous people we're powerful as ourselves, but we're also powerful when we come together. So we're supporting each other as we do it. The main reason why I wanted to bring a lot of attention to it with the younger people is because, three of the girls here do go to high school and each and everyone of them has known one of their classmates or somebody who has gone to school with them that has gone missing within the past recent years. So they have a big heart for it to because they have been affected by it as well," Robyn said.

She added that another part of Saturday's shoot was to support fellow indigenous business owners to show the world that their art is sacred.

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