Harada remains District Court Judge for District 13 winner

After the recount, Harada gained 6 more votes.

The votes are in again and Ashley Harada remains the winner for District Court Judge for District 13, Department 8.

KULR-8 spoke with Ashley Harada, who said she was very pleased with the results and is looking forward to serving the community.

"Well I'm looking forward to getting to work and being a judge for Yellowstone County so it's going to be great," Harada said. "I want to make this community safer and a better place."

Harada said she had confidence in the voting process, but understood there was a request for a recount and says she respected that.

John Ostlund is the Yellowstone County Commissioner and Chairman who said Harada's number of votes grew by six votes. He said this is the biggest recount in Yellowstone County's history and the first county-wide recount that he can remember. Ostlund explained the process.

"Today when they come out, the election administrator broke the seals, recorded the ones he broke and then after they were recounted by hand, then we resealed them with a new seal and logged that into the book."

After the recount, Harada gained 6 more votes.

KULR-8 Reporter

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