The Billings Police Department suspects skimmers are in use somewhere in the Magic City.

According to a post on Facebook, Billings police have received 45 reports of fraudulent transactions being made since July 1st. 19 of those reports were filed with police on Monday, July 8th. 

Police suspect skimmers are being used because all of the victims were still in possession of their cards.

A skimmer can be difficult to spot and can be placed over a retail card reader or installed inside gas pumps. So in many cases it can be hard to identify.

A skimmer can read and record the information contained on the magnetic strip of your card and can also record your pin number as you punch it in.

Once a person has this information they can copy it onto another card or sell the information.

In the Billings cases, police say the cloned cards are being used at gas station ATM's to withdraw low amounts. This could mean that the charge isn't enough for many people to bother filing a police report, instead just protesting the charge with their bank.

Billings Police are encouraging the public to check their statements and report any unusual transactions as they are actively investigating the case.

You can make a report by calling 657-8200.

The Denver Police Department published a series of videos on Youtube that can help you understand how skimmers work and how to spot them.

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