MILES CITY, Mont. - The man who admitted to sexually abusing athletes for decades pleaded not guilty in court Friday to possession of child pornography. 

James Jensen appeared in Custer County court today on 10 counts of Sexual Abuse of Children. 

Jensen said he will not post bail and will remain incarcerated. 

Jensen is also not allowed to make any contact with minors and cannot have access to the internet.

An omnibus hearing is scheduled for January 28th. 

The attorneys leading a civil lawsuit against Jensen from over 30 men who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Jensen while in high school were at the hearing. 

One of the attorneys, Dan Rice, went to Custer County District High School and saw Jensen look into showers and massage boys. He said on Friday some of his best friends were victims of Jensen's behavior. 

""He's still the same guy that molested all those kids when we were growing up here, he didn't just stop he just changed his platform. He didn't have access to kids anymore so he used the internet. He lives right across from the middle school where my son goes to school," said Rice. 

The other attorney, John Heenan, said from a lawyer's perspective, he understands why Jensen plead not guilty. However, it still stings for him and the victims. 

"He had the opportunity today to stand up like a man say I'm guilty of these crimes and I'm ready to be punished for my crimes and of course he's chosen not to and that's his right, but it continues to put the victims through the ringer again," said Heenan. 

The former Custer County District High School trainer who admitted to sexually abusing athletes has been charged with 10 counts of Sexual Abuse of Children. 

According to the charging documents, James Jensen knowingly possessed a visual electronic photo of a child posing or engaging in sexual conduct. 

Jensen was under investigation after a civil suit was filed against him while he was an athletic trainer for CCDHS in Miles City. Those allegations consisted of convincing high school boys to participate in what Jensen called "The Program." He allegedly told the boys involved in "The Program" they could enhance their physical stature by producing elevated levels of testosterone in their bodies through massages and masturbation. 

Today, victims making the claims in the lawsuit against Jensen are thankful law enforcement worked diligently to find evidence putting Jensen behind bars.

"Yeah I mean there's just been an outpouring from my clients the emotions kind of run the gamut, but you know I think relief that he's not on the streets not able to harm their children or their neighbor's children. That's huge," said lead attorney in the civil lawsuit, John Heenan.

Court documents state on September 28, 2018, Miles City Police Dept. Captain Mark Reddick received information regarding suspicions of child pornography involving Jensen. Jensen is a resident of Eagles Manor in Miles City. The documents state a former Eagles Manor housekeeper said she observed images of nude boys on Jensen's computer multiple times. She said Jensen told her they were photos of her nephews in New York. The documents state she estimated the boys in the photos were between the ages of 16 and 25. 

Investigators used a search warrant to enter Jensen's apartment where they took photographs and seized several items. Those items included a laptop computer, an Amazon tablet, and a SD card. 

Documents state the SD card contained images of nude boys. There were 10 photos that appeared to depict children engaged in sexual conduct. One of those photos was of a younger pubescent male engaged in a sex act with another person. 

Investigators sent the photos to a Billings Clinic doctor for a medical opinion as to the age of the boys in the images. According to that doctor, one of the boys was estimated to be younger than age 9 to 12 years old. 

Jensen is currently being held in the Custer County Detention Center with bail set at $100,000. His arraignment is scheduled for December 21 at 11:00 a.m. 

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