BILLINGS, Mont. - If you needed an excuse to visit to the Yellowstone Art Museum, look no further.

Two brand new exhibits opened last month, both by Montana-based artists.  Brooke Atherton’s exhibit, Mothers and Daughters, explores maternal, marital, and sisterly relationships through her large-scale installations. Her artwork includes her mother's antique satin wedding dress and repurposed items like a freestanding installation created from an Army tent.

“She uses traditional pieces in non-traditional ways. And that sort of helps tell her story, there are timelines, a lot of her pieces are done over time, for example. I think if you come in you’re going to find how you fit into one of those pieces somehow," says YAM Executive Director Bryan Knicely.

Open Range by artist Tracy Linder is the second exhibit currently open. Growing up on a farm and now living on a prairie, Linder uses her work to highlight the struggles involved in working on the land. From gloves shaped by labored hands to plant seeds bonded to animal bones, Linder’s artwork is a visible understanding of the complex and fragile relationship between people and their food source. Linder says she hopes her artwork allows visitors to join the conversation.

"I hope that each installation will touch them in a different way. Perhaps they’ll think about the birds when they’re migrating through and they do that beautiful choreography that we see when they come in and land or swoop out of a field,” says Linder.

Both exhibits are on display until early January, but if you’d like to hear more about Linder's exhibit she will be at the YAM Friday, December 4th. Admission will be free that evening.

If you can’t make it in person, the museum will also be offering a digital tour of the exhibit on their Facebook page


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