BILLINGS, Mont. - A community is grieving for two tow truck drivers, Nicholas Ryan Visser, and William Casie Allen, who were both killed Sunday. The two men were struck by another vehicle while responding to a car broken down on I-90.

Stillwater County Sheriff Charles Kem says the men died near mile marker 414, near Columbus.

"They were both great employees," said Scott Hanser, co-owner of Hanser's Automotive. "Young guys, energetic, passionate, loved what they did, had a flare for life, just the people you want working for you, the people you want to be friends with, so that makes it even harder."

Hanser says Monday is a somber day for everyone at work. He says this is the first time their company lost an employee due to a fatal side swipe on the road, but he says there are thousands of close calls.

"From being out there a lot of years myself there's lots and lots of near misses simply because of speed and people in a hurry and not driving to the conditions," Hanser said.

He urges drivers to slow down and follow road markers, especially in snowy road conditions.

"Pay attention and don't be in a hurry when those things happen.  I know we live in a world that's go, go, go but there's people out there on the highway, so you got to understand that and understand that you got to slow down," Hanser said.

Nick Visser and Casie Allen's lives will be honored by the Yellowstone Valley Tow Truck Association Friday at 7 p.m. on the Rims. Their post asks anyone wanting to participate to see the view from downtown, the West End, or South Side, while the Rims will be reserved for first responders.

Two GoFundMe's have been organized one for Nick Visser: and one for Casie Allen:


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