Billings city council has approved the One Big Sky district development plan.

Council members voted 7-3 Monday night in support of the plan.

The One Big Sky District development plan focuses on four core themes through four distinct districts.

Developers say the general conceptual framework of One Big Sky District will help the state of Montana attract the next generation workforce, and would focus on lifestyle, civic and community and fiscal and economic districts.

The plan is based on research outlining the economic challenges Billings faces which ranks near the bottom of U.S. states when it comes to millennial population.

Approval of the resolution includes accepting and adopting the plan, approve the general framework outlined in the plan and agree to the goals in the plan.

The plan does not include commitment or adoption of any specific agreements, project design, policy or public funding in the plan, or city commitment to enact regulations or taxes to spend on public funds.

The plan also relies on new state legislation to allow private investors to be reimbursed up to $125 million for public approved infrastructure investments, if private investment reaches $650-million, within a decade of creating the district.

Proponents of the One Big Sky legislative bill, say they'll introduce it March 1st and hope to have a hearing March 11th.

KULR-8 Reporter/Weather Forecaster

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