Billings West End Water Reservoir

Courtesy: Billings Public Works & Land Design, Inc.

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Billings West End water reservoir could be much more than just a couple of bodies of water. 

During a city council work session Monday, Public Works unveiled a high-resolution video showcasing what the finished project could look like one day.

At its inception the project was estimated at $120 million with most of that money coming from the city's water fund, but for a project to be realized that looks like the one on display in the video, it could cost much more.

The water fund has restrictions on how money can be spent, so things like a picnic area, a beach, and docks wouldn't be covered. Public Works is hoping these amenities can be completed through grants and funding partnerships.

The city is poised to start work on phase 1 in fiscal year 2022.

That would include building the intake from the Yellowstone River, the pump station, pipeline, treatment plant, and a clear well for water distribution.

Phase 2 would follow in 2023.

That would include the building of the actual north and south reservoirs on Billings West End and some adjustments to Hesper Road.

Phase 3 would include the recreation components.

The actual cost of the project is a moving target as the city still needs to put it out for bid.


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