The most beloved strawberry festival returns to Billings. Rain or shine, many people attended this event.

The Billings Strawberry Festival took place in Downtown Billings near the Skypoint where you can find plenty of vendors to check out. One of the vendors that you can check out is Becky's Berries, who is selling the famous strawberry rubarb.

People were seen enjoying the festival even though it was a bit wet. Shaelee Tubble and her family had just arrived to the event and explained what she saw so far.

"Activities, a lot of new things," Tubble said. "Like now, it sounds like they're doing a rain dance song. Alot of vendors, a lot of food."

It's not just locals that come to the festival. People from all over the state, even out of state, come to experience the strawberry festival for themselves. Chloe Ives is from Sheridan, Wyoming and her good friend Bailey Hanson, is from Sandpoint, Idaho.  

"I kind of just saw it on Facebook and I was like, 'That looks really fun.' and I wanted to go and set my mind to it."

"And I surprised her. She didn't know I was coming to visit so then I decided to take her and even with the rain, it's been a lot of fun."

Vendors had plenty of strawberry themed foods to sell. From strawberry shortcake to strawberry lemonade. Dennis Rolon came to the event by himself and said he still had a great time.

"I had a sushi burrito," Rolon said. "Didn't think they made that. A sushi burrito, I just walked around, checked a bunch of stuff, I came here and got out the house, out and about. I came short-sleeved, not prepared, so I bought this. They made a profit off my stupidity."

If you can't eat strawberries, don't fret. There's something for everyone at the strawberry festival. The festival began at 8 Saturday morning and ran until 4 that afternoon.

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