BILLINGS, Mont. -  School District 2 board members on the planning and development committee held a Facebook live meeting Tuesday to discuss what the future of high school sports could look like.     

MetraPark and Billings Public Schools are in conversations about a possible partnership for the future of high schools sports.

We met with Ray Massie, the director of marketing for MetraPark, who understands why the school district is looking to them for a partnership.

"They have some issues with Daylis Stadium. There are some major repairs to put into Daylis Stadium to make it useful or they have to do something else. The idea of putting a stadium of athletics at MetraPark has been brought up multiple times," Massie said.

With MetraPark's master plan to tear down their grandstands and build a new stadium, Billings Public Schools is hoping to work with the event center to utilize the new stadium for high school sports.

"What do we do with MetraPark after the grandstand disappears after we finish the demolition? We have at MontanaFair this year, three different boards to outline some of the options that we considered. Two of those have the options of a athletic stadium of sorts for them to be able to play football, soccer, run track and field," Massie said.

SD2 Superintendent Greg Upham says the district would share responsibilities with the park when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of the track.

Both Metrapark and SD2 are looking to find a way to work with each other that would benefit both parties.

"I think that both entities are looking for reasons why we can do it," Upham said. "I've just been honest with them from the very beginning and showed a very sincere interest in partnering really at the end of the day for the betterment of the community."

"We've always worked really well with the local school district on several different levels, and we certainly welcome the opportunity to have SD2 come back again," Massie said. 

Ray Massie encourages residents to check out the options for their master plans as you walk into MontanaFair and vote on which plan you like the most.


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