Biggest rifle match hits its 28th annual year in Montana

Many fathers and their families celebrated their Father's Day weekend at the 28th annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle match.

In Forsyth, Montana, in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, you can find hundreds of people ready to compete in the Matthew Quigley Rifle Match. Of which, I'm told is the biggest rifle match in the world.

This event is about shooting in long ranges with targets starting at 305 yards to 805 yards. Claudia Kajin is the match director of the Quigley Rifle Match. She explained how this all started.

"Two of our gentlemen in the gun club, Al Lee and a friend, saw Quigley Down Under, and thought 'We can do that.' So it started out with a couple of targets and the few gun club members and this is now our twenty-eighth year," Kajin said.

Al Lee, co-creator of this event, will be 90 years young this year. He's amazed by how big it has grown, even on a continental level, for people from all over the world come to spend their vacations or Father's Day at the rifle match.

"It's the biggest event of its type in the world," Lee said. "It just boggles my mind that people come from all over the country to pay a little old entry fee to shoot for a week and you don't win anything other than a trophy plaque."

Winning nothing but a trophy plaque, and yet, more than 500 shooters were entered in this year's event.

"One thing, it's a friendly match," Lee explained. "Everybody wants to beat you on your best day here. And the sportsmanship is outstanding in this match."

Lee leaves a tip for the beginner at shooting long range distances: practice, practice, practice. You'll be sure to hit the bullseye!

This event happens every year during Father's Day weekend.

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