Bear killed on Billings South Side

A young male black bear was killed Thursday morning on Billings South Side.

Bob Gibson with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks says that the bear was spotted downtown on North 27th Street near the post office by Billings police during the early morning hours of September 5.

Gibson says police tracked the bear for a mile when the bear climbed a tree on 2nd Ave and South 35th Street.

Gibson says that FWP believes this is one of four problem bears in the area.

The bear is deemed a problem because it has no fear of humans and has developed a taste for garbage. Because of this, the game warden on location determined the bear was not a candidate for tranquilization and relocation.

Gibson says FWP has learned from past incidents that bears that develop this kind of behavior will continue to look for easy food options and will move back into populated areas.

Gibson says the decision to kill the bear was also a matter of public safety as police and FWP wanted the situation resolved before people were up for the day and heading to work with children also heading to school.

FWP estimates the male black bear weighed 150lbs.

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