406 Adventure Race draws near, are you ready?

The 406 Adventure Race is drawing near. Experienced competitors and beginners are welcome to join the 38 mile adventure. For a race like this, you better be prepared with some good running shoes.

We headed over to Scheels to ask an expert what to look for in a good running shoe. Joe Thaires is the athletic department's shop manager who said to be careful when shopping for shoes online. That won't determine what shoe fits best for you. He said looks shouldn't be all that matters. Price range also does not determine what shoe is right for you.

Frequent runners may pay more for comfortable shoes that are designed for running long distances. Thaires explains one of the key differences.

"It really depends on if someone pronates or supinates," Thaires said. "Pronation is if you kind of walk inwards, your ankles drop or your knees drop and then supination, or neutral, obviously no discernible wear patterns on there or you have supination walking on the outside of your foot."

The 406 Adventure Race begins June 30th. Prices will rise the closer it gets. To find out more about this event, log onto adventuresignup.com .

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