BILLINGS, Mont. - November is Diabetes Awareness Month. To help us learn more about this disease, we met with a local resident who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 10 years.

Madison Martinez is only 19 years old and has lived with type 1 diabetes for most of her life. Martinez has to take daily insulin injections to combat the genetic disease which keeps her pancreas from making its own insulin. Insulin levels too high or low could lead to life-threatening conditions.

Martinez says people get type 1 diabetes confused with type 2 diabetes, which is usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and can be controlled with diet or medication rather than insulin.

Not letting this disease hold her back, Martinez plans to attend MSUB, to become a clinical psychologist. Right now she is focused on reminding people about the importance of fighting this disease.

“The day before I was diagnosed, diabetes was not a priority in our book, because it didn't affect us on a personal level. Even though it doesn't affect you today, we don’t know what's coming down the pipe, and it is becoming a more common disease. So raising awareness is key so we can get to a point where diabetes can hopefully get eradicated,” said Martinez.

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