Local MMA fighter aims to put Billings on the map

A local Billings man fights to put the Magic City on the map in the MMA world of athletes.

William Grundhauser was born and raised in Billings. He's the proud owner of the Grindhouse, a gym in Downtown Billings, where he's placed passion and devotion towards MMA and his students.

"Will Grundhauser is our professor and MMA coach here at the Grindhouse," Shane Fichter, a Grindhouse fighter said. "He's doing amazing things for this whole community. There's tons of families that come in here with their kids that do jujitsu. He's teaching jujitsu to everyone of all ages."

Grundhauser said he has been wrestling ever since he can remember. After serving in the Navy, he used MMA as an outlet.

"I had a lot of emotional things that I was dealing with from my time in the service and this was the best outlet I could find to keep me busy every day and move towards something positive," Grundhauser said.

He used this outlet to help others like Shane Fichter.

"I'm actually an addict that's been in recovery for about 3 and a half years," Fichter said. "He's introduced me to martial arts, jujitsu and MMA and I believe that he's changed my life forever. I know all my goals in my future now compared to before where I felt like I was lost."

The 2nd degree black belt MMA fighter will be competing in the Fight to Win Pro64 tournament in which he said it is incredibly difficult to be selected to participate. The tournament will begin on Friday at 6 p.m. in Denver where he'll be competing against not one, but two of the top ten black belts in the state of Colorado.

"I believe he's actually the only fighter that's going to be competing in two different brackets on the same night."

"My goal is to be an ADCC champion," Grundhauser said. "I'm going to have to beat like 6 to 8 people. The best in the world."

Proud to be a Billings man, Grundhauser wants to put the Magic City on the map.

"I really just want people in Billings, Montana to believe that we're great," he said. "You don't have to become great and then move to a bigger city. That's why I've stayed here."

You can watch the competition on pay-per-view or online at www.flograppling.com

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