Local billboard gains attention

 A local billboard is gaining attention on social media. If you've seen it while driving in the Heights, it might make you do a double-take.

The billboard located on Main Street and Airport Drive is from a local medical office called LaVie. It reads "When your swipe right goes wrong" and underneath it, the company notes that it offers free pregnancy and STI testings.

KULR-8 spoke with the CEO of LaVie, Cindy Nordstog, who said this billboard has only been up for about a month. She said the purpose of the billboard is to connect with a clientele that leans towards online dating and is in no way attacking the online dating world.

KULR-8 headed out on the town Monday to speak with locals and asked them what they thought of the billboard. One person we spoke to said he can relate to the message because he does online dating and said the billboard is quite funny.

Another person KULR-8 spoke to said he also does online dating and thinks the billboard is inaccurate.

"Well, I mean, I've been online dating before and it's never resulted in sex," Carl Freeman said.

"We want individuals to be safe, we want them to be smart about their choices for their safety, more than anything," Cindy Nordstog said. "But nowhere are we making any judgment whatsoever."

Nordstog said LaVie provides services such as free ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and prenatal education classes.

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