Living Simple Tour stopping in Billings

Jim and Mary Competti have set out on a year long continuous trip that will allow them to experience all 50 states through the backroads of America. On this year long vacation they will be living out of an 18' camper that has a queen size bed, full bathroom and a kitchen area. 

Jim and Mary will be spending about four days in each state hiking, biking and enjoying the experiences the country has to offer. 

Since leaving three weeks ago they continue to update their Living Simple Tour Blog and have gained hundreds of followers in the process in which Jim and Mary are hopeful that they to get inspired to pursue their dreams.

"I think we've already watched people, we didn't really know what would happen but like wow, the first thing they say is "I want to do that or I've always wanted to do that" and we're like then do it," says Jim.

Mary says "even more than just travel it's whatever you want to do in life.  Just take the opportunity and go after it do whatever, it may not be traveling for some people maybe it's something else but just take the risk and do it." 

Jim and Mary started  their journey in Nebraska and have been through both Dakotas before arriving in Montana where they will leave for Wyoming tomorrow.

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