koo beans coffee

LAUREL, Mont. - To say that the owners of Koo Beans Coffee are excited to open up and serve the city of Laurel might be a bit of an understatement.

"I can't even express how much I've wanted this. This is my baby, as much as I can put into it, I'm going to. When it opens I will never work a day in my life," said Alania Pruitt, owner of Koo Beans Coffee. 

Alania says she's dreamed of opening her own coffee shop since the age of 12.

"I've grown up making coffee with my dad. It was something that him and I did together all the time."

Alania Pruitt and her husband Matthew say they won't let the difficulty of starting a business during this pandemic stop them from chasing their passion of bringing Koo Beans Coffee to the residents of Laurel.

Matthew said he and his wife were "tired of working for people with not much money to be had."

But the couple says they're not looking to take any business away from other local shops.

"We still drive through to Mountain Mud and City Brew and Heidi's Coffee," Alaina said. "Just because we own a business doesn't mean we can't support others."

The Pruitts are avoiding certain popular drinks to bring their own unique flavors to the coffee scene.

"I love bubble tea, and I know a ton of people here that love bubble tea as well, and that's where my niche is going to go – breakfast sandwiches and bubble tea."

With plans to open in September, Alaina says Koo Beans Coffee is more than ready to join to community of Laurel.

"[We] want to strive to make Koo Beans Coffee a really cool spot to come through. I really hope Laurel excepts us."

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