Laurel Farmer's Market protecting pumpkins from the cold

LAUREL, Mont. -- The Laurel Farmer's Market is protecting their pumpkins from the cold.  The Johnsons opened up their pumpkin field for picking on October 1st, and Leslyn Johnson says she and her husband hauled six or seven trailers of pumpkins into their barn.

"Our pumpkin 'you pick' field are huge.  And when it's bad weather coming like this, you really don't want to take a chance that they might freeze out there," she says.

No matter the weather, Johnson wants to make sure there are enough pumpkins for everyone until Halloween.  She says even though they hauled thousands of pumpkins into the barn the past two days -- there are still plenty left to be picked in the field.

"You go through a lot of work to bring all of this in," Johnson says, "and our goal is that we can take care of everyone who needs a pumpkin and there are small, there's medium, there's large and there's extra large pumpkins!"

The Laurel Farmer's Market is located right off of Highway 212 in Laurel.

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