Laurel community helps traveler find his dog

A man headed to Alaska from Texas stopped in Laurel to rest.

During his stop, his dog got hit by a vehicle and the dog ran off and went missing.

John Wilson's sister reached out to the Laurel community for help. Places like the Yogurt Shop and the Laurel Police Department posted photos of the dog on Facebook and around their buildings.

Wilson says he had been searching for his dog named Holly as soon as she went missing and says some people pulled over to help him for a bit.

Holly was finally found by security officers near a refinery and was taken to a local veterinary hospital.

"It's a reflection on the good staff I have here and the good citizens of Laurel who do care about what's going on in our community,." said Laurel Chief of Police, Rick Musson.

"It's really just little things like this, I guess, that kinda shows the heart of a small community," said Jackie Johnson, owner of the Yogurt Shop.

"It's really important to me to say thank you to the community here in Laurel and also the employees at the refinery as well," said owner of Holly, John Wilson. "They were all very helpful."

Wilson says Holly suffered a bad cut on her right leg as well as other minor cuts on her body, but says she's doing okay enough to continue their journey to Alaska.

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