BILLINGS - The Laurel City Council and mayor met Tuesday night to hear the public's thoughts on a proposed ordinance that could give voters the chance to decide on a change in the form of government this fall.

Tuesday night's discussion centered on the consideration of a charter-form of council/mayor city government. The idea drew mixed feelings from the crowd; with some questioning the need and logistics of the change. Currently, Laurel has a council/mayor form of government, but it is not a charter. It is run under Montana state statute. One of the main changes would be the addition of a chief administrative officer, whose duty would be to assist the mayor.Ken Olson, mayor of Laurel, said the position is vital as the town grows.

"To make sure that we have somebody who has the knowledge, who has the experience, and who has the education to assist the mayor in these times of growth so that we can more efficiently run the city of Laurel for its citizens," said Mayor Olson.

Laurel City Council members will vote whether to put the proposal on the November ballot at their next meeting on August 7.

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