Latest from BIA on the officer-involved shooting in Lodge Grass

Sunday night, KULR-8 broke news that a man allegedly armed with a knife was shot and killed by a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer. The man who was shot is identified as 36-year-old Ruben Clint Stewart. KULR-8 found an unsigned letter on his Facebook page written to alcohol saying 'I am leaving you cause you are bad for my health and everything important in my life.'

The night of the shooting, his mother allegedly called BIA saying he was being drunk and disorderly.

"He always came over, talked with us, and he was just a good guy," neighbor Jayne Kennedy said. "He was always jolly, happy, and joking around."

Tuesday, KULR-8 also learned BIA's protocols when it comes to police shootings involving their agency.

Nedra Darling is a spokeswoman at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs sent a statement that says 'After a BIA officer is involved in a shooting, the officer is placed on administrative leave pending an investigation and review by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The FBI conducts the investigation into the shooting and will submit their report to the U.S. Attorney's Office once completed. The U.S. Attorney will review and determine if there are any criminal charges, warranted or not. The BIA officer will remain on administrative leave until cleared by the U.S. Attorney's Office or if the report shows some wrong doing on the part of the officer, corrective action will be initiated. At the conclusion of the criminal investigation by the FBI, BIA Internal Affairs Division will conduct an administrative investigation into the shooting to determine if policies and procedures were followed.'

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