Landon's Legacy

BILLINGS, Mont. - Landon's Legacy Foundation is raising money to build an all inclusive Miracle League Baseball Field in Billings. 

After a generous donation from the Harnish Foundation, Landon's Miracle League Baseball Field is about to become a reality.

Marcie Smith's son Landon passed away in 2013 after living with spinal bifida his entire life.

Landon's passion more than anything was baseball, but his condition kept the young boy from playing his favorite sport.

Wanting to keep her son's memory alive, Marcie found, 'The Miracle League', an organization which builds baseball fields that are accessible to children with any mental or developmental disability.

The plan is to break ground on the field this spring, but Landon's Legacy Foundation needs to finish raising $1,000,000 to start the project.

Recently, the Smiths were surprised with a generous gift from the Harnish Foundation. The foundation took notice of the mission and gifted their project a $375,000 grant.

Marcy Smith says, "Lots of tears, tears of hope, of gratitude, lots of tears for it and I just feel like it really took our fundraising to a whole other level and we'll be able to do everything on schedule like we planned on doing."

With the inclusion of the grant, Landon's Legacy now has $875,000 of their $1,000,000 goal. They hope to raise the remaining money soon allowing construction to begin.

If you are interested in donating to Landon's Legacy Foundation, visit their website at

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