Key witness in Rory Wanner murder arrested with meth, AK-47

Tyler Nathaniel Crawford has been charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs after police reportedly found him "slumped over" in a vehicle. 

According to court documents, Billings Police officers were dispatched to the alley behind the 600 block of Broadwater Avenue for a welfare check on a man in a truck. Upon arrival, officers identified Crawford. 

Crawford told police he was sleeping in his truck. Documents state Crawford had multiple warrants for his arrest.

Documents state Crawford gave police permission to search his vehicle. During the search, officers found a small skull shaped container that contained a white powdery substance. That substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Officers also located an AK-47, three loaded magazines, and what appeared to be a silencer for the AK-47. 

Crawford has previously been convicted of felony criminal endangerment and is also pending a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Crawford is also the man named in court documents who told police he was forced by William Hoffert and Michael LeClair to lure Rory Wanner to his home under the guise of selling drugs.

Crawford told police LeClair was mad at Wanner because Wanner sent a picture of LeClair talking to another woman to LeClair's girlfriend "a long time ago."

According to the documents, Crawford told police that LeClair confronted Wanner about the text message before both men began fighting.

Crawford told police LeClair got the best of Wanner, that Wanner collapsed and appeared dazed. He said Wanner was seen quivering as if having a seizure.

Crawford then told police Hoffert and LeClair told him to clean up the blood while they removed Wanner's body from the home. 

Crawford said he threw away the bloody clothes in a dumpster, which Hoffert and LeClair emptied the next day.

Days later, Wanner's Jeep turned up blocks away from the home. The keys were left on the passenger seat. 

On July 2, police executed a search warrant at Crawford's home. There they found evidence of blood. On July 7, police notified the public they were treating Wanner's disappearance as a homicide. On July 31, police were notified of a body found in a shallow grave south of Roundup. 

Forensics analysis confirmed that body to be Wanner's.

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