Keep a look out for black ice

Even with the melted snow, low temperatures at night can cause the ice to refreeze creating black of most dangerous aspects of winter driving.

Meteorologist Todd Chambers from the National Weather Service said black ice can pop up anytime of day and black ice forms when there is little moisture in the air to condense and then freezes up.

Chambers said since black ice is very hard to spot, it's important for drivers and pedestrians to be vigilant when traveling. 

"Those streets will have black ice that will make it slippery for pedestrians to walk on, certainly it's going to make it difficult for drivers to drive on. It's going to create a hazard if you have people in the streets and on those plowed areas where you have traffic at the same time," Chambers said. "So I would advise to stay out of the streets and the roadways. Those are for vehicles trying to stay on the sidewalks if you can. Certainly it's still safer even if it's slippery.

Now chambers says we are going to see warmer temperatures within the next week, making travel conditions a little bit better but he says to still exercise caution when driving and to be aware of the road conditions before heading out. 


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