Jeffrey Haverty, man accused of killing and beheading casino customer, admits to charges

A Billings man pleaded guilty in court to deliberate homicide by cutting a man's head off with a knife in late 2017. 

On November 15, 2017, Myron Knight's body was found decapitated and rolled in carpet in the area of South 32nd St W and Gable Rd. 

On Monday, Jeffrey Glen Haverty admitted to murdering Knight and cutting off his head. 

Two people were walking along a dirt road when they found Knight's body in November 2017. They found his body wrapped in carpet in tall grass near an abandoned, transient camp. 

An autopsy revealed Knight had been beaten and decapitated. 

In December of that year, Donald Ray Cherry and Jeffrey Glen Haverty were charged with deliberate homicide in the death of Knight. 

Charging documents say video surveillance at Montana Lil's off King Avenue shows the victim leaving the casino with the two suspects. 

Prosecutors say their investigation revealed Knight won some money that night, but left it behind with an attendant telling them he was worried Cherry and Haverty might try to rob him. 

Charging documents say the men tried to take Knight's money, but when they found out he had only six dollars, they killed him. 

A woman in a romantic relationship with Cherry admitted to watching both 

The documents state the woman told detectives Haverty and Cherry planned to dismember and burn the body to dispose of the evidence. 

An autopsy report showed it was "more than probable" Knight was still alive while his head was being cut off. 

The report also states all three men had smoked meth that night and receipts indicate they had lots of alcohol as well. 

Court documents say the plea agreement recommends Haverty receives 40 years in Montana state prison for deliberate homicide and another 10 years for the use of a dangerous weapon. Those will run consecutively. 

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