MILES CITY, Mont. -- District Judge Michael Hayworth sentenced James Jensen to 20 years in prison on two counts of sexual assault for the possession of child pornography.  In addition to sexually abusing over 100 male student-athletes while an athletic trainer at Custer County High School, pornographic images of underage boys were also found on Jensen's personal computer.

"Every time somebody looks at these photos, they are victimized once again," says Custer County Attorney Wyatt Glade, "While they may not have been victimized to the level by Mr. Jensen that our local victims were when he was at Custer County District High School, they were victimized nonetheless."

Jensen will serve this additional time after completing his 12-year federal sentence.

"These are young impressionable boys and he promised them he'd make them better at sports, he'd make them better with the ladies, if they would simply allow him to touch them," Glade continues.

The court characterized Jensen as a level 3 high-risk sexually violent offender.  Thirty-two of Jensen's victims have come forward to prosecute Jensen and the Miles City Unified School District in an ongoing civil suit.  Jensen's sentencing comes on the same day that students in Miles City return to class for a new school year.

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