Italy Bridge Collapse: Genoa bridge company put profits first

MILAN (AP) - An Italian truck driver who survived the plunge from the collapsed Genoa highway bridge with a dislocated shoulder and bruised hip says he still can't look at the bridge he used to cross every day.


Luciano Goccia returned to the site of the rubble Thursday to retrieve possessions from the back of his wrecked truck.


He said has trouble sleeping while he thinks of the 39 confirmed dead in Tuesday's collapse.


Goccia added in comments to reporters that "a miracle" is the only explanation for his survival.


He recalled that when his truck landed after the plunge from the 45-meter (150-foot) -high bridge, he tried to open a door. Then "nothing, I heard a loud bang. I turned around and I saw myself flying against a wall" and next to another truck.


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