Samsung 219-inch television

Samsung has unveiled "The Wall." Now this has nothing to do with the U.S./Mexico border, but it is generating some buzz in the desert.

"The Wall" is a 219-inch monster television which is being unveiled at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas.

The television display is micro-LED which Samsung is claiming creates a brighter image while using less energy than conventional televisions.

At 219-inches the screen measures about 18 feet.

But the cost of the television isn't known at this time.

If you were to consider a high end 65-inch model retailing at $2,500 dollars and work that out to cost-per-inch you'd find the cost works out out to $38.46.

So, if you apply that cost-per-inch to this monster television you'd find at its cheapest "The Wall" should retail north of $8,400.

Of course there's no way to really guess what the actual cost will be, but we certainly can expect entertainment presented on "The Wall" to be larger than life.

Samsung is also looking at bringing a 75-inch model to market.

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