BILLINGS, Mont. -- As of MAY 7, 2019 the Billings Parking Division had 6,073 outstanding parking tickets on record dating back to 2013. Th tickets totaled  $150,464 owed to the city.

Parking Division Manager, Tracy Scott, says, "From time to time we get people that are booted.  If they do get booted it's a one hundred dollar fine in addition to what they owe in order to get that boot off.  There's some things that hopefully if we educate people... our goal is less and less tickets to be written, not more."

We took a closer look at the top offenders and found that several people have collected fines from $500 to more than $800. 

Amount Owed NameDate of Citation Number of Citations
$865 Junae E. 2013 to 201418 
$790 Delilah H. 2015 21 
$625Michele P. 2013 to 2015 19 
$590 Melinda G. 2015 16 
$560 Cheryl S. 2014 13 
$550 John O. 2015 15 
$525 Anthony G. 2013 to 2016 
$510Alexander R. 2017 14 
$470 Marilyn D. 201410 
$440 Leah B.2013 to 2018 6
$430 Terry S.2013 to 201715
$410 Philip O 2018 11 

Scott invites anyone with outstanding parking tickets to come to the Billings Parking Division office in Downtown Billings.

"We will make arrangements with them to put them on a time pay so they can make those payments... so we're flexible working with them if they do try to pay their ticket," says Scott.

Scott also says the Billings Parking Division sends a final notice within thirty days, but some businesses are still unaware of outstanding parking tickets.

If you are unsure if you have an outstanding ticket or have questions on how parking tickets are recorded, you can find the information here:

One Billings business on the list had more than $300 in unpaid parking tickets.  KULR-8 reached out to that business Thursday and spoke with the owner.

He was unaware of the tickets.  The owner settled the outstanding tickets that afternoon.

Note: This story was updated to include a debt chart listing the people with the most parking debt owed to the City of Billings as of May 7, 2019.

It was the decision of KULR-8 to not publish a comprehensive list of names due to its size and the face that those listed have not committed a major crime.

Anyone with questions about parking ticket debt may contact the Parking Division directly at (406) 657-8412.

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