Two husky puppies that went missing Monday night are reunited with their family. 

On Monday night, Nikole Van Nice says she let the two dogs out to play in the front yard. They then ran out to the pasture, and didn't return like usual. 

"The tracks just all of a sudden stopped," said Nikole Van Nice. 

This afternoon, the dogs were returned to their yard by an unknown person, still clean and dry. 

Van Nice says she doesn't know how they got back, she doesn't care, but it's such a relief to have them home. 

"Chinook is the bigger of the two. He's about 35 pounds. He's also the more timid of the two. He's red and white with ice blue eyes. And Storm, his brother, has a gray wolf coat with a little white and he's got the ice blue eyes too. He's kind of the leader out of the two of them," said Nikole. 

She also wants to say thank you to everyone who came together on Facebook to help her family. 

"It's really great to see you know that this can happen. My daughter's been going through so much at school with a lot of bullying and stuff and these are her salvation right here. They keep her and when they were gone she panicked," said Van Nice. 

The Van Nice's ten-year-old daughter had a panic attack when Storm and Chinook went missing, and has been in the hospital since. 

On Wednesday night, after the dogs were given a bath, they were brought to the hospital where they could be reunited. 

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