HRDC can help you pay your energy bills this winter

For those that qualify, HRDC will not only help you pay your energy bills, but they will also send a crew to help weatherize your home. 

"Weatherization we come and do a whole of the house we check the "R" values of the insulation we check the "U" values of windows, we look at doors to make sure they're sealed tight and if those things are bad we'll replace them or try to put weather stripping on we'll add insulation," said Jeff Day, Program Director of Energy Services at HRDC. 

The weatherization program is part of the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program offered by the Department of Public Health and Human Services. If you are eligible for the program, HRDC will provide energy assistance to help pay heating bills through the winter. You will also be placed on the weatherization priority list. 

Day said, "Almost always, we don't see many of our clients that apply that don't need weatherization work done." 

If you're home has multiple cold spots, cracks in the doors, or your windows get icy during winter, your house may need weatherization. HRDC is accepting applications through April 30, 2019. Their waiting list currently has about 3,500 applicants, but HRDC still encourages you to apply. 

"It rotates every quarter, and its based on the amount of energy they use and the burden they have so someone could apply and end up number one." said Jeff Day. 

The application can be found at

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