How MLK's message applies to today

"Not in our Town".. An anti-hate group in billings is holding a MLK service this Sunday to remind people how Dr. King's message is relevant for today, with the social issues our country faces.

When tackling the issue of racism and other social equality matters, "Not in our Town Billings" board member, Fitzgerald Clark, says we need to be "upstanders", not "bystanders".

Clark says it may not seem like racism is alive in Montana, but it is.

He says at Saturday's event they'll be talking about how to be an "upstander" like dr. King was.

"A bystander, just stands by the sideline, while the activities of life, the injustices happen, Fitzgerald Clark, Not in our town Billings, board member, says.  "The upstander will actually take a stand, to say this is not ok, and to lend a hand to the victims of whatever strife is happening, and to help them up."

Abena Lane, one of the speakers for Saturdays event, says she believes Dr. King's message applies to today in that we have to stand up against intolerance regardless where it comes from, and who it's coming from.

"If you want change to happen, we have to come together, and start that change.  If not you, than who?" Lane says.

The MLK Interfaith service is on Sunday, January 14 at Wayman Chapel in Billings at 3PM.

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